Badges? We got no badges. We don't need no stinking badges...

Friday, September 30, 2011

No Layoffs in Probation?

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where's My Stinkin' Badge?

I was talking to one of our esteemed PSU Board members the other day and the topic of badges, particularly belt badges, came up. As you may recall, the Department allowed DJCOs to wear the Centennial badges until the end of 2011. What you may not know is that a commitment was made by our previous chief, Colleene Preciado,  to have regular belt badges in the DJCOs hands by that time. It is a sad state of affairs that our current chief reneged on the deal and here we sit sans badges.

So, I asked what's up with the badges? He said that my timing was good because he had just raised the issue regarding badges in the latest meeting with the chief. When the chief whined about the cost, our noble rep reminded him that the DJCOs had offered to pay for them if the department would provide an avenue for purchase. Of course, it might be coincidence but, didn't the department just put in an order for 100 Glocks for field DPOs?

The way I look at it, our command presence would be enhanced, particularly with the parole realignment, with belt badges. Simple, but effective.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You're on Notice

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There is Still Some Hope

SDLockhart: After hour of debate, bill to allow resentencing for juveniles convicted of heinous aggravated murders falls short of passing.  Original Tweet: Sent via TweetDeck (

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cop Leaves Assault Rifle

Our cops may get accused of beating people up but at least they know how to keep track of their equipment. It seems a sheriffs deputy back east has trouble keeping track of his goodies. The deputy was cleaning the trunk of his unit out and left the gun, case and ammo on the ground when he was distracted by "trespassers". When he came back to his unit, he got in and drove off, leaving the firearm behind. Of  course, the first question is, what was he doing cleaning his trunk out away from the station? The second question has already been asked: will he come under investigation? Yes.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Good Reason Not to Make Friends on Facebook

This is just the latest from the CDCR. If it isn't bad enough the state wants to unload their crap on probation departments in every county from here to Humboldt, now we find out they are just getting around to shutting down inmate facebook pages.

Get this: if an inmate had a Facebook page before he or she entered the system, they are allowed to keep it. They aren't supposed to post on it or anything until they are released but, that hasn't seemed to stop them so far. Apparently, some of the 7,000 (no typo, seven thousand) contraband cellphones they have found on inmates in state prisons so far this year are being used for more than just phoning home. Inmates post to their pages, make friend requests and, communicate with their gangs, all under the watchful eyes of the prison staff. Where do these phones come from?

OK, I hate to say it, but one has to assume either a few bad guards out to make money are bringing them in or the guards are too stupid to figure out how to keep them out from visitors who are sneaking them in. Can anyone say, search? Can anyone at CDCR say, metal detector?  To be sure, it is tempting. A cellphone can garner as much as $1,000 on the prison black market.

So, what are inmates doing on their Facebook pages? According to one story, plenty. Inmates have made sexual advances and made threats towards past victim. One has to wonder how many scams an enterprising inmate can concoct from his lonely prison cell.

Fortunately, Facebook is doing the right thing and cooperating with law enforcement in tracking down prison FB pages and shutting them down. I am now waiting for the other shoe to drop when the ACLU steps in to claim it is a violation of prisoners rights. Does anyone besides me remember when prisoners lost all their rights and had to have them restored by a sympathetic court when they got out of prison?