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Monday, August 30, 2010

Todd Spitzer - Friend or Foe?

You didn't hear it here first. Too bad. What you will hear is that Todd is being played (and not very well) by his former boss and nemesis, Tony T-rack Rackaukus. As to why, is anyone's guess.... OK, I'll guess.....

I've already commented on the Voice of OC and the Register about this. Spitzer has probably never been on really good terms with T-rack. Face it, he wants the man's job, jumped the gun to vie for it and is now paying the price. Of course, you have to figure Susie girl Schroeder who is sunning herself in Hawaii right now, will probably try to run. At least, that is the rumor. Would she win?

Spitzer has:
  • $1 million in campaign funds already socked away
  • Huge name recognition in this county as a former member of the Gang of Five and State Assemblyman
  • Huge name recognition due to this fiasco that T-rack himself inaugurated (hmmmm, could Tony really be acting in Todd's best interest?)
  • A great reputation as a go-getter no-holds barred prosecutor who will not worry about party affiliation when it comes to digging up the dirt on corrupt politicians and businessmen
Susie girl has:
  • Her sugar daddy who runs the republican machine in OC
  • A reputation for being T-rack's lackey spokesperson who can't think for herself
  • Limited trial experience
  • Campaign funds - well, lets just say she is behind Spitzer on this one.
You decide who has the best chance now, or in the future. If there are other contenders out there, no one has heard from them. Wait..... is that Wally Wade I hear yelling from somewhere in south county?