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Monday, October 11, 2010

Should Police Have to Play These Games?

This is the kind of stuff that the old Keystone Cops movie shorts were made of. You might expect this coming from some small town in the middle of nowhere USA. But, here in Orange County? Then again....

It seems some candidates in Los Alamitos, that Western-most city of the Real OC, are playing games with each other. It would be funny, but they are actually taking up the time of Los Al's small and overworked-as-it-is police department to put up with this stupidity.

If you haven't heard, the politics heated up in Los Alamitos over the weekend. It seems some candidates can't keep their hands off of other candidates property. One candidate, George Briggerman jr., is stupid enough to be caught on tape (later viewed by several hundred people) taking another candidate's sign and dumping it. Another candidate is stalked by a woman claiming to just be making sure he doesn't steal flyers of another candidate. He calls the cops because of the stalker and later the stalker calls the cops because he allegedly did steal the flyers. The cops come out but no one gets arrested.

Is this really what you want your police to be doing? Crime may not be rampant in Los Alamitos, but I'm sure their police department has better things to do than run around chasing people running for office and acting like they are running for middle school president. Come to think of it, even the kids know better than that. Oh, the video? here