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Monday, November 8, 2010

CSA's, Gifts for Guns & the Aftermath

Today's press release on the Sheriff's blog, amplified by the touting of OCEA about the new class of Correction Services Assistant is very interesting. As I perused the article, I noticed they go through a ten week "academy" that includes such topics as laws of arrest, arrest procedures, and the use of pepper spray. Whooa, wait a minute.... I thought these were civilians? So why are we wasting time giving them lessons on arrest? Could it be that Sheriff Sandy has a hidden agenda? Could it be that she plans to eventually make these officers.....dare I say it...... peace officers (with limited authority, of course)? I guess time will tell. One course they went through is certain to serve them well. The "Will to Survive" course will come in handy when they are getting their asses kicked and the sheriffs deputies are too busy texting from their phones to go help them.

Arnie is up in Fresno, today, promoting the "Guns for Gifts" program that, as he puts it, "will make our communities safe". One might not know it until they read the article, but Fresno has a huge gang problem. I guess Arni is reaching out to the bad guys, hoping they will trade their hard-earned guns in for Christmas gifts for their homies. A better way to handle this would be to find better ways of enforcing the current gun and gang laws that make it illegal for gangsters to own guns in the first place. Admittedly, that is more difficult than signing new, useless laws into effect, smothering society with our nanny-state blanket. Good luck and good riddance, Arnie.

Brown is in, Nutmeg is out. Several political pundits are blaming (who else) the unions for foiling Meg's power grab. Apparently, most of the ultra-conservative nut cases haven't finished with the unions yet. So, they will continue to blame them for everything from the State's ever imminent bankruptcy status to global warming because the liberals think they should do something about the environment. No one seems to know for sure what Meggie and her billion dollar buddy Carly are going to do now. Could be a run for President? then she can join the ranks of Ron Paul. She has already surpassed him in the political spending arena. Why not? President Nutmeg Whitman.... hmmm, has a nice sound to it.