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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1984 Calling

If the above editorial doesn't send shivers up your spine, it's because you've already drunk the socialist Koolaid. I am a big believer in the Constitution. I doubt seriously that our forefathers foresaw the use of smartphones, PDAs and other technologies we have available today. If they had, there is no doubt some personal technology would have been explicitly protected. My desktop computer is personal property. If a cop wants to see the contents he must, in most cases, have a search warrant. Likewise, to read my postal mail, a warrant is also required.

Nowadays, nearly every piece of data I own, be it addressbook, medical documents, email or what have you, is accessible via my handy Droid X. It is still just as private, just as personal.

But, for some unknown reason, the courts have blown it big time. In this recent ruling, they have likened your cellphone to your wallet or your pockets when it comes to warrantless searches. This has a chilling effect on the 1st and 5th Amendments. We should, cops included, be very wary of this.

Not surprisingly though, cops are all in favor. They think it will make their job easier. Until it is used against them. You have the ability to stop this travesty. Call your legislator. State your support of the bill discussed in the linked article. Let them know the people won't stand for this.
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