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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There's a New Sheriff in Town

The Buzz is reporting that former Assemblyman and candidate for Orange County Board of Supervisors, Todd Spitzer, has applied to be a reserve deputy sheriff for OCSD. This is a good move for both him and Sheriff Sandy who has endorsed Todd Spitzer for the BoS position. Face it, how could it be better for Hutchens than having a boss on her team?

To be fair, Todd is eminently qualified to be a reserve deputy. He is a former LAPD reserve officer who has won awards for his work in that department. He is also an experienced prosecutor, most recently working for the most corrupt DA in California, Tony Rackaukus, until he was mysteriously dumped on trumped up charges involving T-rack's girlfriend, Peggy Buff who got an unposted job in the Public Guardian's office and implied that Susie Girl Kang-Schroeder, the DA's spokesperson, was in line to be the next DA. Did we happen to mention we like Todd both as a person and as a candidate?

Still, you have to wonder how this is going to work. Aside from the rigorous schedule Supervisor's keep (just ask Big John Moorlach), what happens when there is a conflict (and there will be) between the jobs? And, I know for a fact that county policy does not allow county employees to work as reserve deputies. Wouldn't the same apply to elected officials?

Spitzer says he just likes being a cop (I can't blame him). But, he could work for any number of cities in Orange County and it would lessen the chance of conflict. So did Sheriff Sandy make a promise? Or is this Todd's way of keeping a conservative eye on our anti-gun socialist Sheriff?

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