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Monday, June 27, 2011

Anaheim Gives Pass To Pervert Cop

Anaheim Gives Pass To Pervert Cop
Go figure. A former police chief in Huntington Park seems to have been given favorable treatment by city attorneys who reduced charges against him that would have placed him on the Sex Offender Registry. So, since this happened, according to Steve Greenhut, who did not provide a link to the story, all cops are bad.

It is clear that Greenhut has no love for police. Not many people do, nowadays. But, since leaving the Register, he seems to have unleashed his inner hatred for cops everywhere by singling out a few bad ones. He also thinks cops are overpaid, but that is another story.

What Greenhut fails to acknowledge is that, for every cop who gets hooked up for a criminal beef, there are ten thousand that do their job everyday, quietly and without fanfare. And, if Greenhut were to look around and pick a new target, I bet he would find just as many judges, lawyers, reporters and other professions per capita that transgress society's laws. So, why pick on law enforcement?

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