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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vernon - Corrupt or Visionary?

The Original Sac Bee Story is here.
The legislature is readying to vote for the dissolution of the City of Vernon. More rightly, they are voting to disperse any city with the population of less than 195 people. It's the same thing, of course, since Vernon is the only town of that size.

Vernon, which was incorporated in 1905 for the exclusive purpose of keeping industry next to the railroad tracks, became home to the worst kinds of industry. No one wanted
slaughterhouses and rendering plants near their homes. But a few industrial visionaries saw the right way to go.

Other industries have replaced many of the slaughterhouses and there is a huge tax base there. Through the years, Vernon has been the epitomy of company town. There is virtually no sales tax base so they must rely on property and corporate income taxes which, as others have pointed out, LA's Villagarosa wants to claim for his own via his cuz, Perez. This is the
democratic push. That may seem hard for some to take, but no republican would attempt to dismantle a city in the manner in which these two have contrived.

There are laws that prevent corruption. But,corruption is in the eye of the beholder. If the city fathers want to pay their council 6k a month plus benefits, that is their doing. If they
want to pay their city manager over a million dollars in compensation because he has the expertise, then so be it. This isn't like the City of Bell, where they attempted to pull one over on the residents and take them for all they could. Industry runs Vernon and they gladly pay them what they think they are worth. That's a big difference. The Dems, led
by Perez, are trying to dismantle a city that actually works. I have felt from the start that there is no basis in law to do what they are attempting to do. If there were, what would be to stop them from dismantling any town or city on a whim, simply because they didn't like their politics?
Hopefully, if this comes to a lawsuit, the judge will see this for what it is and prevent through injunction, the wholesale rape of this small city.

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