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Friday, June 24, 2011

Freed from GPS, Parolee Invades Home and Shoots Homeowner - Allegedly

Now, of course, I am only going by the news story from Sacramento. But, it looks like that early release program isn't working so well. Seems a 20-something on GPS supervised parole was deemed a low enough risk to remove his bracelet. Not too long after, he (allegedly) commits a home invasion robbery, bungles it, shoots the neighbor while the neighbor shoots both him and his buddy.

How many more of these are going to happen because the Governor and the Legislature cannot come to terms on a budget. Forget all the Rep rhetoric about balancing the budget on the "backs of victims", etc. The fact is, all programs have taken a hit and like it or not, corrections, seen as a bloated blister on the toe of the state, is taking it's hit. But, how low can you go? Next to no supervision, GPS supervised parolees at least give the parole agents something to work with to keep track of their charges. The department needs to re-think the release of these criminals from supervision. GPS was touted as cheap and effective. If it's so cheap, why did they release this parolee? How much will the pain and suffering of the victim in this guy's latest fiasco pay in medical bills? How much will the state pay?

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